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Aerocool ThunderX3 Cronus ARGB Mid-Tower Review

Between design, interior space, features and needless to say build quality what do you put first when out to get a brand new PC tower/case? It all comes down to needs really and even though i too would like to have a good looking PC tower next to my desk due to my job which requires swapping hardware components on a daily basis, interior space is far more important. Most people however are usually after PC towers/cases which combine a good chunk of all of the above and that’s a lot harder to find, especially when cost is also an issue. Aerocool has always been one of those manufacturers who tend to the needs of consumers on a budget and their latest Cronus ARGB Mid-Tower released under their ThunderX3 brand promises to deliver on looks, interior space, features and build quality at a lower price point than its competition.

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