Cyberpunk 2077 Custom Build

  • PAGE 1 how the case was modded and specs
  • PAGE 2Final look and completed

The Case

Hi all, welcome to the post about my cyberpunk 2077 themed pc build called cyberpunk two 077.

First off, the title might be confusing to some, but it hints at what I was trying to create here with this build, I wanted to show that not only could we build a themed rig but add a trick up its sleeve to enable two player gaming.

But first let’s talk about the process of the build.

This all started in my head when I saw the announcement of cyberpunk 2077, being a fan of everything dystopian I thought I have to do a mod on this, not only that It had to look dystopian so I had to not only give that edge but also give the mod a worn look too.

This was stripped down and the top panel, back, front io and front glass section were removed.

I first began by sanding back the front io and roof panel to get them ready for painting, this was done using 800 grit sandpaper to give the etching primer something to grip into, so the first thing to do was lay down just the yellow paint.

After this was done it was a case of colour sanding it back to flat as I hate seeing orange peel in a paint job, this was no easy task and requires a lot of elbow grease. Once I had completed that I took on the process of laying down my airbrush art, this involved using a mixture of a pearlescent blue and green from createx colours.

Now here comes the hard part, after doing this I moved onto the sanding down of the panel to get the worn effect in, this wad done with 1000 grit so I could take just the right amount off to get that worn look.

I think it came out really, nice, Ill have to add some close ups of the paint effect in the sun as it is really hard to capture this under studio lighting once done.

You can also see by this picture that I filled down the edges around the front io buttons and port surrounds, this was to tie in with the worn look as I wanted it to look like a case been really used in a way a dystopian device would be, with prolonged life cycles meaning years of using it and damaging the port surrounds.

Of course, now I had done all this, it was case of the real hard work, layers of lacquer and plenty of elbow grease to get the desired effect I wanted.

Lacquer done and sanding and smoothing done, so now I could move onto the back panel that will be hiding the wiring for the project.

This was a simple case of laying the samurai logo down in pearl silver, pearl white and then pearl red and then sanding back, I was really pleased with how this came out and decided not to even add lacquer to this as I was happy with it as is.

Onto the hand engraving on front panel

Hand engraving with a Dremel is no easy feat, there are plenty of references to this on the web, but how do you make it even harder, but with better depth, do the whole thing with dots, my wife is a truly inspiring artist with the Dremel and she still amazes me to this day, the image chosen for the front glass was of course the original V artwork from the game’s poster.

Yes, that is really done using 100s of little dots and its starts building up slowly, the skills are just crazy.

And just in case you don’t understand the dedication it takes to do something in this way, here is a close up for you.

As you can see it takes 100s of dots to produce what you see from afar and its truly amazing how its done, here is how it came out in the end.

Finally with the whole case together we had a rough idea of the final look.

System components

System External components

This Is repeated on both sides and has got me addicted to the hue range, its amazing what is possible and as you can see from the video the effect is truly amazing, the hub allows you to set the positions of the lights, be it tv height, floor height or ceiling height and the location in the room. This adds to making the control and reactions of them even better.

  • PAGE 1 how the case was modded and specs
  • PAGE 2Final look and completed

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