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Sony a new frontier of surround sound with the HT-A9

Sony introduces the HT-A9 – a new frontier of surround sound where you, your family and your friends can experience 360 Spatial Sound for an all-encompassing experience like never before.

Sony a new frontier of surround sound with the HT-A9

Sony’s unique 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology

Feel sound from every direction with Sony’s revolutionary 360 Spatial Sound on the HT-A9. Sound Field Optimization ingeniously measures the relative height and position of each speaker and, based on positioning, synthesises the sound waves and creates up to twelve phantom speakers from just four speakers, resulting in 360 sound.

Experience Sony’s widest ever sound field with the new HT-A9. Surrounded on all sides by phantom speakers within an optimised sound field, you’ll hear every animal roar and gust of wind with incredible intensity, it’s as if you are there in the scene. Thanks to the phantom speakers, the spatial sound field becomes wider and more enveloping.

You can also experience cinematic surround sound from the comfort of your home with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® support on the HT-A9.

Versatile layout for any kind of living room

There’s no need to rearrange your furniture or precisely position your speakers. The HT-A9 uses dual microphones in each speaker to ingeniously measure their relative height and position with Sound Field Optimization. This allows the system to generate twelve phantom speakers at ideal position and completely encircle your room in immersive 360 spatial sound. To activate Sound Field Optimization, perform Easy Setup from the home menu on your TV screen at any time you want, whether that’s as soon as it’s set up or in a few months’ time.

The four speakers connect wirelessly to the control box so there’s no speaker cables across your living room[1].

Innovative speaker design

The HT-A9 is designed with leading-edge technologies to deliver the supreme sound quality required for 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. The speakers feature X-Balanced Speaker Units that are a unique rectangular shape to maximise the diaphragm area for richer bass and maintaining sound pressure and vocal clarity. The speakers also feature a new Wide Directivity Woofer that has reduced cavity effect by minimising the depth of its concave shape. This works with the 19mm Soft Dome Type Tweeter to reproduce clear, natural sound at high frequencies. Plus, with up-firing speakers sound is reflected off the ceiling for immersive overhead audio. The speakers also feature bevelled edges to reduce sound diffraction.

Hear extra deep bass with an optional subwoofer

Adding an optional subwoofer to your system to handle low frequencies allows the system to reproduce sound with greater impact and power than before. Two models are available, designed to bring out deeper bass, more voice clarity and extra fidelity in everything you listen to. The SA-SW5 features 300W of deep, rich bass from a 180mm driver with passive radiator. The SA-SW3 features 200W of sound from a compact bass reflex subwoofer with a 160mm driver.

Immerse yourself in supreme music quality

The high-quality speaker units mean that you can immerse yourself in supreme music quality. You can enjoy music the way the artists truly intended with High-Resolution Audio, or discover a new way of listening with 360 Reality Audio[2] for a truly immersive music experience, as real as if you are there at a live concert, or with the artist recording in a studio. You can enjoy 360 Reality Audio on Amazon Music HD, Deezer, and TIDAL[3]. The speakers also feature DSEE ExtremeTM, which uses Edge-AI to upscale compressed digital files in real time, which restores the high-range sound that is lost in compression for a richer, more complete listening experience.

Smoother, clearer movement for responsive gameplay and immersive movies

Movies and games feel so real with the new HT-A9 surround sound system. All of the original picture quality is preserved when played through the HT-A9 home theatre system so you can be completely immersed in movies. Gaming is also much more thrilling and realistic with the HT-A9. You can enjoy your favourite entertainment in 8K HDR and 4K 120, and the HT-A9 is also compatible with Dolby Vision.

Best with Sony TVs

Paired with compatible BRAVIA TVs[4], with Acoustic Centre Sync using the supplied cable the HT-A9 brings you the ultimate immersive audio-visual experience with our best picture and sound quality. With Acoustic Centre Sync you can have even more immersion by precisely matching where the audio is coming from with what’s on the screen. You’ll hear dialogue from exactly where the character is standing in the scene.

Everything links up perfectly when connected to the new range of BRAVIA™ TVs. With Integrated UI, the Home Theatre System settings automatically appear on the BRAVIA Quick Setting menu[5].

Enjoy music with the whole family

You can easily access popular music services like Spotify and stream all of your favourite albums and playlists with both Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. With a super wide listening area, everyone has the best seat in the house so that enjoying your favourite tunes is a family experience.

You can easily connect to your speakers with Bluetooth® compatible devices. Or, you can connect your speakers to the internet with the built in Wi-Fi for instant access to music services and stream from devices on your network.

Easy control

The HT-A9 is compatible with Google Assistant[6] enabled devices with Chromecast built-in or Amazon Alexa enabled devices[7] to give you a stress-free listening experience. Just add the HT-A9 to your speaker group using the Google Home app to play music, change the volume or control many other functions using just your voice.

Seamless design

The HT-A9 features Sony’s latest Omnidirectional Block Design. The cylindrical shape represents a single solid block providing 360 Spatial Sound. It fits perfectly against the wall with a flat rear surface. The light pearl grey colour is designed to blend perfectly with walls, shelves and other interior decorations.

Simple set up

Setup with the HT-A9 is simple and easy. The surround sound system is almost ready to go straight out the box – simply plug it in, connect to your TV using HDMI and power on[8].

  • The HT-A9 model will be priced at approximately £1,600 / €1,800 and available from September 2021
  • The SA-SW5 optional subwoofer will be priced at approximately £700 / €800 and available from September 2021
  • The SW-SW3 optional subwoofer will be priced at approximately £450 / €500 and available from September 2021

For product specifications, please visit:

[1]Requires AC outlet

[2]Requires download of Sony | Music Centre app. Subscription to compatible online music service and third-party terms, conditions, account and fees may apply. Compatible services may not be available in certain countries/regions. Please visit to check compatibility of the application and the service.

[3]Availability varies by country.

[4] BRAVIA™ Acoustic Centre sync mode works with the Z9J series, A90J series, A80J and X95J series. Product availability varies by country.

[5]Integrated UI works with the following models: Z9J series, A90J series, X95J series, X85J series and X80J series. Product availability varies by country.

[6] Google, Google Home and all related logos are a trademark of Google LLC. Google Assistant is not available in all languages and countries/regions

[7]. Amazon Alexa is available in select countries/regions

[8]With LAN, HDMI IN and HDMI OUT (eARC) you can enjoy a spatial surround sound experience

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