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Intel Core i5-11600K and Intel Core i9-11900K Review

Intel Core i processors are now in their 11th generation and despite difficulties with 10nm or smaller chip production, Intel still wants to improve performance and sends the Intel Core i5-11600K and the Intel Core i9-11900K from the Intel Rocket Lake-S series into the race today on! As a platform, we have chosen the brand new ASRock Z590 Steel Legend LGA1200 high-end motherboard with Z590 chipset. RAM and NVMe SSD are also pretty fast and come from Crucial, so we are looking forward to an exciting benchmark session including overclocking. Whether Intel’s 11th generation can convince and how well the Crucial Ballistix Gaming 16GB DDR4-3600 RAM and the Crucial P5 SSD 2TB perform on the ASRock Z590 Steel Legend will be shown in the following review.

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